We`re saying »I do«!

We are delighted to announce our wedding. Following a wonderful proposal, we now have an exciting time ahead of us, which we will share with the most important people in our lives on these pages: with our families, friends and acquaintances. We have created our little wedding website for this purpose. You will always find the latest news and plans here. We will also post pictures and many more things that will interest our guests.

Wedding list

We want our guests to have as little stress as possible for our wedding day. We`ve therefore drawn up a wedding registry. If you`re wondering what to give us, please take a look there. We hope we can make your selection and decision easier.

Wedding rings

We recently went to the jeweler´s together and had a look for our wedding rings. It´s amazing how wide the range is. We decided on a simple but elegant pair of rings that will always give us pleasure.


A wedding only works if the bridal couple´s most important people share and help to shape the day. Special attention must be paid to these people..


We thank you for your support.

The bridal couple

Welcome to our Wellness & Spa Ressort!

To us, cosmetics and beauty care are all about relaxation and enjoyment for both your body and soul. Relax with our exceptional and effective beauty treatments and allow yourself and your body to get the rest you need in a rejuvenating environment.

Enjoy our wide range of superior cosmetic treatments in a comfortable, friendly setting. We look forward to providing you with our expert beauty and wellness advice.  

From facials and repairing skin treatments to relaxing massages, we know just how to improve your skin and relax your mind. Find out more about the services we offer. Come take a look around, meet our team of stylists and learn more about our salon spa.

Basic Evaluation

Individual Design

Create building applications

BeArch offers a wide range of counseling services for building planing, project management and construction support.

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Why Hire A Wedding Planner?


If you are asking yourself this question, then you probabley are already starting to stress about how you want your day to be a perfect day to remember, not only on the day but for many years to come and that all your family and friends remember your special day for years to come too.


some people are naturally good at organising and planning special events and think that it is easy to plan there own wedding, this is absouluty a great experience if you remember to actually enjoy your day and not worry about if you have done everything or that you have a week to set it all up but you still have dress fittings, you need to pick up the suits and the rings, the children need to go to there swimming class, or you have to take your mum for last minute shoes.


So why should you hire a wedding planner?  A wedding planner will not only take all the stress away from your busy day to day life they will be negotiating the best possible price's for all your requirements, making sure that all your own ideas are incorporated into your special day. We make sure all the various local businesses have a full running order of your day in order to maintain all the timing of events.  Hiring a wedding planner is a proven effective way of making sure you have the best day of your life whilst reducing the overall cost of your wedding.



Wedding bands, bridal dress, reception, honeymoon and much more – we are with you everystep of the way.
Gift List 
We want your wedding to be effortless for all your guests, and for that reason we can create a bridal registry on your behalf.