Wedding Cheese Cake


List of Cheese's Available   


Cote Hill Blue 1.2Kg

Cote Hill Red  1.4Kg

Cote Hill Red 750g

Cote Hill Yellow 1.4Kg

Dorset Blue Vinney 3.5Kg

Dorset Blue Vinney 1.8Kg

Cornish Yarg Nettle leaf Whole 3Kg

Cornish Yarg Nettle leaf Whole 1.7Kg

Cornish Yarg Garlic leaf Whole 1.7Kg

Cornish Yarg Nettle leaf Baby 1Kg

Cornish Yarg Garlic leaf Baby 1Kg

Quickes Cheddar mature 8 Months 6Kg,3Kg,2Kg,1Kg

Quickes Cheddar Ex Mature  16 Months 6Kg,3Kg,2Kg,1Kg

Quickes Cheddar Mature with Elderflower 8Kg, 4Kg,2Kg,1Kg

Quickes Double Gloucester Farmhouse 2Kg,1Kg

Red Leicester Farmhouse 2Kg, 1Kg


Blue Cheese

Goats cheese




Wensledale  with cranberry


Add-on Package - Chutney and Crackers

When ordering the very best of British cheese in your cheese cake then you need the very best of British crackers and chutney to accompany it! this package is designed to provide the perfect amount of accompaniments to your cheese wedding cake depending on your requirements.

This package includes enough crackers to cater for approximately two crackers per person (based on 100+ guests). 10 boxes of Oat Digestives, 8 boxes of Rosemary Water Biscuits, and 1kg of Beetroot and Apple Chutney, Fig Chutney, Piccalillyi Chutney, Onion Chutney and Peach Chutney. 






Our wedding cheese cakes can be as many teirs as you would like them to be, we recomend that if you are stacking them on top of each other as the pictures show that you have a good solid block cheese at the bottom, this is a six teir cake with 8 different cheeses and a selection of fruit.  All our cakes are made to your own requirements they all come on a wooded lazy susan for ease of serving.



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